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A Unique Philosophy

First and foremost, Lindsay believes in REAL FOOD. That means that if great grandma wouldn’t recognize it, you probably shouldn’t be eating it. Food should be from as close to the earth as possible and as unprocessed as possible.

Here are some words that ring true to Lindsay’s Food Philosophy:

Local and seasonal whenever possible
Ingredients Lindsay uses include good quality gluten-free, refined sugar-free (natural sweeteners are ok but all good things in moderation right?!), some dairy, meat and fish but only when organic, sustainable and ethical practices are used.

Lindsay believes the food we make doesn’t need to be complicated but can be simple and delicious. We all live busy lifestyles so simple is important. Food should be nutrient-dense and based on whole foods so you get great energy to fuel your fun and adventures in your day-to-day life.

Lindsay believes that you can live a very healthy lifestyle without compromising flavour. She hope’s to educate, motivate and inspire you to live your healthiest and happiest life!!!


We have been working with Lindsay to help create bespoke nutrition and wellness classes for our clients for the last three years. Our clients love her relaxed style of presentation. She always brings a wealth of knowledge to the classes and they go away feeling inspired and informed about the different ways that they can make manageable healthy, food choices and easily incorporate these changes into their everyday routine.

Lindsay is a great communicator and very intuitive. She easily taps into peoples emotional relationship with food, nutritional needs, and budgetary requirements. She presents in a way that is accessible to a broad cross section of society.

It has been a pleasure working with Lindsay and we look forward to continuing that relationship for years to come.

Lucy Mutch, Crave Cooking School



Lindsay is an Eco-entrepreneur, Holistic Nutritionist and Healthy Product Curator. Lindsay spends most of her days caring for Neve and Aidan. She spends the rest of her time on nutrition contract work with leading NZ good food and drink companies and the odd workshop or event per request.

Lindsay was born in Banff, Canada – not many people can say that. She grew up in Ontario and then headed back out west for the mountains where she met her kiwi husband. So these two Can-iwi’s live happily ever-after! Truth be told, Lindsay’s parents were pretty big hippies, she veered away from their wild ways for many years and has now come full circle. Lindsay bridges her roots and the modern world with her approach to deliver a range of support services for businesses. She has a solid business background with a focus in People Resources and Marketing plus her entrepreneurial spirit.
She loves promoting real nourishment for busy modern life through retail support other admin support.
Lindsay has completed her diploma in Holistic Nutrition, a certificate in Meghan Telpner’s Culinary Nutrition Expert program through the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and recently completed a course in Functional Nutrition through Josh Gitalis.

Lindsay has huge passion for health and this beautiful planet we call home. In Lindsay’s very limited spare time, she loves soaking up vitamin D in the great outdoors, walking in the forest, yoga, playing at the beach and spends hours upon hours creating goodness in the kitchen.



Supporting Your Success



Brand ambassador
In-store promoter
Passionate about representing boutique and health food products
Confident to work independently
Years of sales and customer service experience
Approachable and able to approach people
Good food and drink choices are essential to vibrant living
Special interest in ferments and cultures food and beverage


Lunch and learn for corporate wellbeing days or events
Cooking demonstration or hands on
Extensivs culinary nutrition training
Quick, easy, healthy, practical
Maximize health benefits
Gain excitement about food and cooking
Highlight seasonal and local tips
Recipes, handouts and tastings can all be included

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

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21 Toi St
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027 367 3834

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